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(Kem Eczema)

Các bình luận của sản phẩm (7 bình luận)

Eczema | 7/24/2013 7:55 pm | Comment By: Daniel Colon
My daughter is 8 years old. She was diagnosed with eczema as an infant. We have been prescribed everything under the sun. Out of desperation, we have tried it all. She has been on a steady diet of steroids throughout her life without any observable improvement. In fact, we suspected it was the cause of her constant sickness (low immune system) and stunted growth. Her constant nocturnal scratching and crying (plus seeing blood spots on the sheets) drove me to seek out Master Tam and Master Tin. What they have done for her with their herbal treatments and acupuncture is nothing short of miraculous. Her skin is 98% clear, the kids at school no longer tease her and she has begun to gain weight now (she was 15 lbs lighter than her little brother). I am eternally grateful to Master Tam and Master Tin.
Excema cream miracle cream | 2/11/2010 11:55 am | Comment By: Sajid Patel
I just want to say me and my wife both was amaze and very happy that my daughter who is 11 and my son who is 4 was 90% cured of eczema on their body. We have tried steroids for 5 years on my daughter it works temporarily and then comes back. When we went to Dr Tam I had my doubts but we have tried everything nothing worked. I said we have nothing to lose we could not bare our kids itch all night and suffer like this. After 3 month of treatment with acupuncture and 3 month of constant applying this cream with antihistamine syrup eczema gone 90% my kids can withstand the itching and sleep very comfortably at night. I would 100% recommend to anyone with eczema to try the treatment yes it may be a little expensive for some but worth every penny of it to see your kids sleep and play all day without itching.
Re: Kem viem da tre em | 11/30/2008 2:11 am | Comment By: Master Tam
Bệnh phong ngứa hoặc eczema nên dùng Kem Viêm Da kèm theo Dị Ứng Tửu để có cơ hội trị dứt bệnh. Dị Ứng Tửu giúp chống lại nguyên nhân gây ra bệnh. Kem Viêm Da giúp trị hậu quả của bệnh. Kết hợp 2 loại dược thảo để có kết quả tốt nhất.

Đây là câu trả lời tổng quát. Để biết thêm chi tiết, nguyên nhân của bệnh, thời gian chữa trị, ... xin vui lòng gọi văn phòng ở số (813) 562-9857 để được tư vấn trực tiếp.

Ghi chú: Dùng Kem Viêm Da lâu ngày không có tác hại nhưng tốt hơn là nên dùng đúng thuốc, đúng liều để được mau chóng bình phục.
Kem viem da tre em | 11/26/2008 7:46 pm | Comment By: Thap Pham
Con trai toi, 1 tuoi, da su dung kem vay nen trong vong 6 thang nay. Toi chi thoa vao da cho nao ma be bi ngua, thi thay be do nhieu. Toi moi vua mua them 1 lo kem nua. Xin hoi Bac Si toi co nen tiep tuc thoa kem nay cho be khong? Su dung kem nay lau dai tren da em be thi co bi tac hai gi khong, nhat la xung quanh mieng cua be?
Xin cam on.
Kem vien da tre? em va` di. ung’ tuu? | 10/20/2008 8:19 am | Comment By: My Phan
Toi da~ dung` Kem vien da tre? em va` di. ung’ tuu? cho con trai toi ( 5 tuoi? ) duoc. 2 tuan` thi` thay’ ket’ qua? ro~ ret. Chau’ bi. eczema tu` luc’ 6 thang’ tuoi? va` duoc. nhieu` bac’ si~ da dieu` tri. nhung* khong khoi? han?.
Toi muon’ biet’ la` toi co’ nen tiep’ tuc. cho chau’ uong’ di. ung’ tuu? va` boi^ kem cho chau’ nua~ khong khi da chau’ da~ bot’ ngua’, thoi` gian dung` kem va` thuoc’ nay` bao lau thi` nen^ ngung`.
Toi cung~ muon’ hoi? bac’ si~ la`Kem vien da tre? em va` di. ung’ tuu? co’ bao? dam? chua~ dut’ han? eczema khong hay la` no’ cung~ co’ kha? nang tro? lai.
Cam’ on*

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