Mysterious Lucid Ganoderma


In ancient times, Lucid Ganoderma or Reishi was considered so auspicious that its medical efficacy has been attested to in the oldest Chinese medical text, known in Japan as "Hinnoh Honsohkyo". The "Hinnoh Honsohkyo" is now accepted as the original text book of Oriental Medical Science. This medical text classifies and examines over 365 kinds of herbal medicines which are grouped into 3 categories: Superior, Medium and Low. Superior medicinal herbs are for perpetual youth and longevity.  Of the Superior medicines listed in the text, Lucid Ganoderma is rated number one. Centuries ago, Lucid Ganoderma was said to be a medicine that would grant you eternal youth and longevity. After 2,000 years, Lucid Ganoderma has again entered into the spotlight and has been recorded as having the most extensive and effective healing powers.

Lucid Ganoderma (linghzi) is a woody, reddish colored mushroom that provides an excellent natural health supplement.  In recent research, Lucid Ganoderma has shown to be effective in treating many disease including, cancer, HIV, hepatitis, liver disorders, diabetes, cholesterols, hypertensions, nervous tensions, chronic bronchitis, leukocytopenia and reticuloendothelial systems.  Lucid Ganoderma is highly recommended for people who are suffering from lung, heart, spleen, liver and kidney diseases.  Lucid Ganoderma can also be used to help with insomnia, anorexia, palpitation, dizziness, forgetfulness, and boosting of the immune system.  Lucid Ganoderma is also an excellent supplement for lessening the burning sensations of lactic acid build up from exercises while shortening recovery time such as after weight training by promoting self-healing, and lessen fatigue.  Studies have also shown that patience who were given Lucid Ganoderma as supplements, were able to lower their blood cholesterol and blood pressure while improving their overall blood circulation.

Lucid Ganoderma contains protein, various amino acids, polyose, fats, terpines, ergosterol, organic acids, aldaloid, adenine, uracil, various enzymes and various trace elements as Ge, with some main pharmacological actions such as: Anti-aging, Anti-tumor, Strengthen the heart, Improve immune function, Improve adrenocortical function, Anti-fatigue, and Reduces the excitability of parasympathetic nerves.

Scientific Name:

Ganoderma lucidum, Ganoderma japonicum

Other Names:

Reishi, Chi zhi, Hong ling zhi, Linh chi, Ling chih, Ling qi, Ling zhi, Ling zhi cao, Lucid ganoderma, Mannentake, Rokkaku reishi, Young ji, Zi zhi.

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Linh chi chua tim mach | 8/8/2009 5:31 pm | Comment By: ngoc duc nhan
tôi hay bị nhịp tim rối loạn, nhiều lúc như ngất sửu choáng váng, bác sĩ Đức không xác định được rõ bệnh gì.
uống lấm linh chi môt tuần qua tôi thấy triển vọng tốt
không bị choáng váng như ngát sửu nữa
nên viết vài dòng đến những người hữu duyên
và chỉ mong các bạn khi thoát khỏi bệnh hiểm nghèo nhờ thần dược , khi khoẻ mạnh thì nên sống thiện tâm !
Ngọc Đức Nhân
bàn về dùng linh chi | 5/17/2008 2:40 am | Comment By: hoa
Tôi công nhận dùng nấm linh chi rất tốt cho việc làm giảm mỡ trong máu, tôi xét nghiệm tỷ lệ mỡ trong máu là 6,8 sau khi tôi dùng linh chi 2 đến 3 tháng sau khi xét nghiệm lại chỉ còn 4,0. nhưng tôi chưa thấy tài liệu nào nói đàn ông dùng linh chi có ảnh hưởng gì không? xin bạn chỉ bảo.
cai loi cua nam linh chi | 1/23/2008 1:40 am | Comment By: dat vu
nam linh chi giup con nguoi co the hap thu duoc nhung chat dinh duong

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