We are deeply thankful

I’ve never believed in miracles until last week.  My brother suffers from rheumatoid arthritis (for 10 yrs) and scleroderma (an overproduction and accumulation of collagen in body tissues which affect your blood vessels and organs).  He was treated by a couple of specialists for his conditions for many years; however, the medications were slowly damaging his lungs and heart.  He was introduced to other medications which could lead to severe side effects that could destroy his kidney and bladder.  My brother then said enough is enough.  Slowly every joint in his body was hurting.  He had swollen fingers and hands; dark thickened patches on his body and face.  Opening his jaw to chew his food was impossible.  We had to lift him up slowly just to get him up.  It was a painful to see him like this but I couldn’t imagine how he must have felt, the unbearable pain and the disappointment.  We were desperate for our prayers to be answered.  Then we heard about a well known acupuncturist, Dr. Tam from Trung Tam Duoc Thao Tre Xanh.   We drove almost 8 hours to see “Thay.”  Our first session was 8:00 am.  When my brother walked out from the room he said he felt a little better, still very weak.  Thay said to us while we were waiting, “If he does get better do not thank me, thank God.”  Our second session was at 2:00 pm by noon my brother’s spirit was up.  He was able to sit up by himself.  After our third session the following day he was getting in and out of the car all by himself.  He was able to lift up his arms to talk on the phone and buckle his belt. If all this isn’t a miracle I do not know what is.  Things like this is what you see on TV, heard from someone, read from the bible….but never would I thought I would witness this myself and with my own brother.  He is slowly recovering, still in pain but hopefully his health will not deteriorate again.  God had sent Thay to save my brother along with many people.  We are deeply thankful.  

Patient Information: Vinh Pham, Chantilly , Virginia, 20152, United States

Testimony about Acupuncture and natural science of Herbs
I am writing this testimonial  on the behalf of a man name Master Tam. A man from Vietnam, that is a Doctor, Pharmacist, Herbalist, a Healer in the Science of Herbs and Acupuncture, Writer, Publisher of Green Bamboo Magazine, Community Leader, Music Teacher, Vovinam (Vietnamese) Martial Arts and Instructor and he also write Poems.(GOD given) His philosophy is helping yourself so you can help other. That is just a little background of  Master Tam here in Charlotte, N.C. I meet Master Tam six years ago through my daughter she was taking Vovinam Martial Arts. So I started taking classes, in one of the classes I jammed my finger really bad. The Healer (Master Tam ) came to the rescue, feeling my hand and finger then he put it back in place. I was feeling a whole lot better before the class was over, and my finger is completely healed. Also Master Tam has help me with Kidney Stones and now working on a biceps injury. (He is a GOD send Natural Science Healer). Acupuncture is new in West, but Thousands of years old in the East. I would like to add one more thing, I am very grateful for what Master Tam,  has done with my daughter, working on her iron count that was very low, Master Tam with his natural healing power with  herbs and using acupuncture to her spleen, her iron count was back to normal. When I think of the things Master Tam has done for people it bring tears to my eyes, If was not for the Grace of GOD we would not had the experience of meeting this Healer (Master Tam). Thank You GOD for bring this man into our lives. Amen.

I am a believer in the Natural Science of Herbs and Acupuncture.

"Peace be unto you all that read this Testimonial "  
Patient Information: Ahmad N Ali, charlotte, North Carolina, 28215, United States

Dear Dr. Tam, Tin and Dr. Phuc,

My family and friends cannot thank you enough for the kindness, pure heart and healing effects that you have brought into our lives.  I have not felt well in years and in one day you made me feel like a new person.  You have changed my sister’s life with the weight loss thus change her health status that I worry about every day!  My nine year old son had psoriasis that was gone in two days with acupuncture and the "magic cream".  My fiance has multiple problems including parasites, allergies and GI reflux which he has had major problems with all his life.  In just two treatments he has relief.  You have touched and changed our lives forever.  I am a registered nurse and own a home health agency and personally have seen the dangers of prescription meds and their side effects.  Thank you to God for bringing you all into our lives and allowing Kay and Tom to open their home to all of us for your expertise in your fields.  I feel grateful and indebted to all of you!  I look forward to seeing you all soon and please travel safely home and lastly may you all have peace, love, happiness and prosperity.  You all deserve it!  As we Americans say...You Rock!
With the Greatest of Gratitude and Many Blessings,
Kelly, Denny, Keegan and Steven
Palm Beach, FL

Patient Information: Kelly McDermott, West Palm Beach, Florida, 33405, United States

We need to see you
Hi Dr Tam , My name is Alireza , the one with food allergy to anything sweet or spicy ,the one who you gave me coke and chocolate to eat at your office , you remember ?you told me I have liver problem not allergy , I have a testimony on your site too, on the summer of 2008. I want to visit you for my mom and dad , they are really sick and I need at least 2 pages to explain their situation , we will be leaving the country in 3 months , so please let me know when we can see you Dr Tam , please . I am waiting for your response , thank you Dr Tam , you are an angel from God .

Patient Information: Alireza Shooshtari , Lanham, Maryland, United States

Dear Dr. Tam
Dear Dr. Tam
Hope all is well with you and your family. My daughter and I had the privilege to visit you several times at your home in Charlotte for several of her treatments. I cannot begin to tell you how much this helped, thank you from the bottom of our hearts. My faith in you thru the work of the Lord is beyond words. As we speak, we are in a desperate situation to be able to visit you again for more treatments for her allergies. The treatments you did for my daughter in the past was for her acne. I have been told you are not in Charlotte. I beg and pray (please) to inform us how soon will my daughter be able to see you again. You are a gift from the Lord above for all medical cures and I respectfully say that. I also would like to know what products do you Dr. Tam suggest she should be taking immediately. I read the allergy capsules and it gears toward blood diseases more so than anything. Is there a better combination you suggest of your products for her? The reason I am concern about the blood issues is because she cannot take anything that will interrupt with her menstrual. To promote menstrual is OK but to interrupt her menstrual that is not good for her because of other issues. So as you can see I was a bit concern with the Allergy Capsules. Any suggestions? We are REALLY desperate with her allergies. We are praying for you and your patients and praying to be able to be treated from you very soon. The best of luck and prayers to you Dr. Tam and your staff. Looking forward to your response. May the Lord be with you always.

Most sincerely,

Barbara Vilarchao (a praying mother)
Patient Information: Barbara Vilarchao, North Carolina, United States

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