Royal Jelly and Human Diseases


Dr. Cass Ingram

Royal jelly is beneficial for hundreds of illnesses.  This is because it strengthens the cells, increasing their resistance against disease.  Plus, it regenerates cells, bringing new life to the tissues.  Thus, it is one of those rare substances that may provide useful for the alternation of virtually any disease.  At a minimum it provides supportive nutrition.  At a maximum it helps the body in its recovery process.

Royal jelly is a regenerative substance, and, because it is nutrient dense, it is supportive therapy for numerous conditions.  It should not be touted as a sudden or miraculous cure but as a nutritive tonic, that is a tonic to aid the body’s natural healing processes.  However, the following are conditions proven to respond to this invaluable substance.  Evidence for the following is derived from scientific research as well as human case histories.


This condition, so unsightly, is largely due to nutritional imbalances.  It is also related to hormonal disturbances.  Teenagers are faced with sudden fluctuations in hormone levels.  If they are malnourished and/or if they eat processed foods, the hormonal imbalances may be severe enough to precipitate acne.  This is why royal jelly is so valuable, since it is a tremendously rich source of nutrients as well as naturally occurring hormones.  It is the internal consumption that is most productive.  The regular intake reduces the desire for junk foods and improves the appetite for healthy foods. 

Royal jelly offers an additional benefit: it exerts therapeutic actions on the skin.  The skin is normally acidic, and this acidic nature protects the skin ducts from bacteria and other germs.  If the pH of the skink is disturbed, the skin is more readily invaded.  Royal jelly is a highly acidic substance, in fact, it is the best naturally occurring source of hydroxy acids, the ones commonly used in skin creams.  The positive actions occur whether it is applied topically of taken internally.  Regular use greatly improves the health of the skin, as is manifested by a decrease in blemishes, improved thickness, improved texture, and better color.


This term usually signifies the use of street drugs and alcohol.  Yet, there are hundreds of other substances which are highly addictive.  A partial list includes pharmaceutical drugs, diet pills, refined sugar, cigarettes, chewing tobacco, chocolate, coffee, and wine.  Yet, there are few substances that offer universal support regardless of the addiction.  Royal jelly is one of the few substances that reliably works for a wide range of addictions.  In some instances even individuals who are hopelessly addicted are cured.  The regular consumption of royal jelly offers hope for the hopeless. 

People with addictions often believe that the problem is primarily mental.  While there is a significant mental component, the physical component is perhaps even more critical.  For the addition to be thoroughly cured this physical component must be aggressively addressed.  Royal jelly aids in this process by strengthening the organs, such as the adrenal and thyroid glands, which help the body cope with the addiction recovery process.  When the adrenals are strong, the cravings for additive substances are significantly diminished.  If you have a server additional, do not lose hope.  The powers of royal jelly will come to the rescue.

Adrenal insufficiency

This illness rapidly responds to royal jelly treatment.  The royal jelly addresses precisely the case: a lack of the production of steroid hormones.  Signs and symptoms of adrenal weakness include exhaustion, irritability, panic attacks, depression, anxiety, muscular weakness, fatigue, headache, chronic back pain, dizziness, cravings for sugar or salt, and inability to cop.  Adrenal weakness is directly related to a deficiency in panthothenic acid, of which royal jelly is the richest source.


The symptoms of allergies are numerous, in fact, there are hundreds.  Allergies are a modern plague.  The reason they are plague is due to the modern way of living.  The immune system is weakened by synthetic chemicals.  Drugs further weaken it and cause toxic and/or allergic reaction.  The food is excessively processed and adulterated, and this increases the risks for the development of food/chemical allergies.

There are thousands of substances have never before existed on this planet that our bodies must now deal with.  These “synthetic” substances, many of which are freely added to commercial foods, are a major cause of allergic reactions.  However, natural substances, like citrus, milk, spices, pollen, mold, as well as certain natural-source drugs, such as penicillin, are also a frequent cause of allergic reactions.  There is yet another concern: genetically altered foods.  The new wave of so called GMO foods is creating havoc with our immune systems.  When these foods are consumed, they elicit toxic reactions, which damage the immune cells. 

A number of illnesses, as well as deaths, have been directly attributed to the consumption of such foods.  There is a shockingly high incidence of serious allergic reactions, which directly attributed to genetically engineered foods.  Common symptoms of such allergic reactions include hives, bronchial congestion, swelling in the throat, swelling of the face/eyes, migraines, inflamed joints, and digestive upset. 

The adrenal glands play a critical role in protecting the body from allergic reactions.  They do so by producing cortisone, which fights inflammation, swelling, and toxicity.  Weakened adrenal glands are a major cause of allergic susceptibility.  This is why royal jelly is so useful for this condition.  It greatly rebuilds these glands, largely because it is an excellent source of pantothenic acid.  However, royal jelly offers additional benefits, because it is the number one source of crude steroids, containing some 50 different types, all of which are needed by the adrenal glands.  Thus, it is a type of natural cortisone which is free of side effects.

Royal jelly is a blood builder.  It has been known for decades that hemoglobin counts increase with royal jelly therapy.  This is because it is nutritionally rich, and blood building is nutrient dependent.  Everyone is aware that iron is needed for healthy blood.  However, protein, in the form of amino acids, is just as important.  Royal jelly is an excellent source of this substance.  B vitamins, steroids, and trace minerals are also required to regenerate the blood.  Anemia is due to the loss of red blood cells.  It takes dense nutrition to rebuild cells.  With anemia, billions of cells are missing.  Thus, the individual needs the most dense sources of nutrition for rebuilding.  Royal jelly is one of these dense sources.

This is defined as total loss of appetite.  It occurs most commonly in teenagers, who subsist on an abnormal, that is, nutritionally inferior diet.  Royal jell may prove lifesaving.  This is because it aggressively regenerates the appetite, creating a sustained and vigorous desire for harmful food, that is healthy food.  Plus, it inhibits the desire for harmful foods, like sweets and starchy snacks.  With its rich supply of B vitamins, royal jelly helps stimulate digestion.  It regenerates the stomach and intestinal linings.  Plus, it helps balance blood sugar to reduce cravings for sugary foods.

This condition usually responds immediately to royal jelly.  This is largely because royal jelly provides critical nutrients needed by the brain, like pantothenic acid, thiamine, vitamin B-6, riboflavin, biotin, potassium, magnesium, and phosphorus.  It is also because royal jelly is one of the riches naturally occurring sources of brain chemicals known as neurotransmitters.  The types of neurotransmitters in royal jelly are readily digested and absorbed, going directly into the blood.  From here, the are carried to the brain, where they act virtually immediately.  This illustrates the benefits of sublingual royal jelly, that is the Royal jelly, which, when taken under the tongue, offers rapid absorption into the blood.

Arthritis is due to a breakdown in the structure of the joint.  Joints are held together by connective tissue, which is mostly collagen.  In arthritics collagen either wears down, or it becomes diseased, that is inflamed.  Royal jelly is a collagen rebuilder and pain fighter.  Royal jelly is a natural source of a number of nutrients needed for joint and collagen repair.  Collagen is the connective tissue making up cartilage, tendons, and ligaments.  The joint surfaces are lined with cartilage.  Royal jelly offers the nutrients that the cartilage requires for proper health.  In fact, this wondrous substance contains a type of collagen precursor which is rapidly utilized by joints, especially wounded ones.  Certainly, royal jelly, as a regenerative substance, is superior to chondroitin sulfate, which is synthetic supplement.

The asthma epidemic has struck the United States and Canada with a ferocity.  As many as one in eight North Americans have it.  Incredibly, since the turn of the century the incidence has risen astronomically, the increase being well over 400%.

Modern medicine has completely failed to cure this disease.  In fact, since the 1970s the death rate has risen sharply.  Recent studies indicate the asthma treatment, that is the use of potent drugs, such as steroids and theophylline, increases the risks for sudden death and may, in fact, largely be the cause for the inordinately high death rate.
Royal jelly is highly beneficial for asthmatics.  An exception may be the rare case of the asthmatic who is highly allergic to bee stings.  In such ultra-sensitive case royal jelly may not be usable.

Attention deficit disorder (ADD)
This is one of the modern world’s most disconcerting illnesses, plaguing children as well as adults.  It is often represented as a vague disease for which the cause is unknown.  The fact is this disorder is due to poor diet.  Food allergies also play a role.  Toxicity due to heavy metals, like mercury and lead, often plays a major role.

Nutritional deficiency is a primary cause of ADD.  Poor diet leads to nutritional imbalances/deficiencies, and this is the primary cause of ADD.  However, ADD is also caused by a breakdown in the hormonal and immune systems.  The constant intake of nutrient-defective foods and/or refined sugar weakens the system, leading to a wide range of mental and physical symptoms.  Chemicals in food, like food dyes, MSG, sulfites, and NutraSweet, greatly aggravate the problem. 

The patient should eliminate all source of refined sugar.  Replace refined grains with whole grains.  Increase the consumption of nutrient dense foods like whole milk products, farm fresh fertile eggs, organic meat/poultry, fatty fish, fresh fruit, and fresh vegetables.  Take Royal jelly under the tongue twice daily.  In most instances improvement will be rapid.

This is one of the areas where royal jelly may save lives.  Because it is a predigested food, it is ideal for cancer victims, since they are always malnourished.  Such individuals have diminished the cancer(s).  The digestion of food consumes energy, plus the food may contain chemicals which aggravate the organs.  Royal jelly rebuilds health.  It is well tolerated even by those with nutrients are delivered where they are needed most: directly into the blood so they can be used by the cells.

Research documents that royal jelly contains a number of compound which strengthen immunity.  Certain of these compounds increase the activity of white blood cells, like macrophages, which kill cancer cells.  While performed on animals, a Canadian study thoroughly proved that royal jelly is safe for cancer victims, and that, in fact, it greatly increase immune powers.  What’s more, the length of life was dramatically increased.

In certain cancers the use of hormones is contraindicated.  While synthetic hormones can be dangerous, the hormone in royal jelly are non-toxic.  Do not be concernted about the naturally occurring hormones in royal jelly.  This substance contains a balance of hormones.  The hormones are safe for human consumption.  The point is royal jelly strengthens the body regardless of the health condition(s).

Medical doctors often balk at the idea of cancer patients taking an herbal medicine or medicinal food.  The average physician has no knowledge regarding the medicinal powers of royal jelly.  Yet, royal jelly is 100% safe to take during cancer therapy, plus it is highly effective.  Regardless of the type of cancer from which you suffer, take royal jelly: your health will improve as a result.

Chronic fatigue syndrome
Weak adrenals are major cause of chronic fatigue syndrome.  This adrenal glands are a tiny set of glands, about golf ball-sized, which are found on top of each kidney.  They produce a variety of hormones, including adrenalin and cortisone.  These glands control a wide range of functions, including blood pressure, blood sugar, heart rate, blood flow, protein metabolism, sugar metabolism, and sexual activity.  The adrenal glands are the body’s coping mechanism.  When there function fails, the individual fails to cope normally with everyday stress.  Physical and mental energy decline.  Chronic fatigue syndrome is one of the number of illnesses that are due to failed adrenal function.

The function of the adrenal glands is dependent upon pantothenic acid, and royal jelly is the best naturally occurring source of this vitamin.  Pantothenic acid is needed for adrenal steroid synthesis.  A server lack of pantothenic acid essentially halts steroid synthesis.  What’s more, royal jelly offers a wide range of natural steroids, which greatly boost adrenal function.  Routinely, this condition responds to royal jelly treatment.  The secret is to determine the correct dosage for the individual.  The rule is when in doubt increase the amount until results are achieved.

Crohn’s disease
This is one of the most devasting of all illnesses.  Unchecked, it leads to destruction of the small intestine and colon, ultimately resulting in surgical removal.  The disease may spread throughout the gut, casing extensive damage and/or disability.  Death may occur.

Crohn’s disease is a dietary illness.  This condition is unknown in primitive societies, that is in regions wherein people consume unprocessed food.  The typical American diet is a major cause of disease, and Crohn’s disease is one of hundreds of diet-induced syndromes.  Foods to strictly avoid include refine sugar, processed flour products, nitrated meats, refine vegetable oils, and hydrogenated oils.  Read labels, and be sure to avoid these substances.  Alcoholic beverages, as well as chocolate, also aggravate the illness.

Individuals with Crohn’s disease invariably suffer from weakened adrenal glands.  If the adrenal glands are strengthened, the Crohn’s disease improves.  This illustrates the value of crude royal jelly, since it is perhaps the most potent adrenal gland tonic known.

Cold sores
This is due to a herpes infection of the nerves.  The virus may live deep inside the nerves, where it hides from the immune system.  The herpes exits the nerves, usually about the lips.  This leads to the characteristic oral lesions.  Stress, drug therapy, chemotherapy, radiation treatments, and chocolate provoke attacks.  Cortisone is one of the most aggressive drugs in precipitating attacks.

Royal jelly blocks the toxic effects of stress.  Plus, it supplies anti-viral and anti-inflammatory substances.  It is a reliable remedy for minimizing and/or reversing these lesions.

Royal jelly usually dramatically assists this condition.  Certainly, lifestyle issues must also be addressed.  Dietary indiscretions are a major cause of depression.  There are also serious medical causes, yet, in most instances there is a major nutritional/dietary role.  Frequently, the individual is addicted to sweets, chocolate, pastries, cookies, starch.  Stress is also a major cause, but it does so by depleting the body of critical substances, like vitamins, minerals, and hormones.  Alcohol consumption is also a major factor.  Like sugar, alcohol destroys a wide range of nutrients direly need by the brain.  Plus it is directly toxic to brain cells.  A mere ounce or two of hard liquor destroys as many as a million brain cells.

For chronic depression royal jelly is a safe and effective supplement.  Use Royal jelly to boost mental strength and replenish the deficits.  It provides nutrients rarely found elsewhere: neurotransmitters, such as acetylcholine, and genetic material, that is RNA and DNA.  The latter is highly valuable for regenerating nerve function.

In the Western world diabetes has reached epidemic proportions.  Unfortunately, modern medicine has offered no means of curing it.  Symptoms are controlled by drugs and insulin injections.  However, the disease usually progresses, causing disability, disfigurement, and/or premature death.

This is a diet induced disease.  There is no need to spend billions of dollars searching for some supposedly elusive “diabetic gene.”  The cause is more obvious: what we eat and/or what we fail to eat.  Refined sugar consumption of white flour and white rice.  In societies wherein sugar consumption is limited diabetes is rare.

Royal jelly is of immense value for diabetics.  This is largely because of its positive actions on the adrenal glands.  The regular use of royal jelly reduces sugar cravings.  It also increase stress tolerance, plus it boosts immunity.

This disconcerting disorder is caused by a variety of factors.  Poor diet greatly increases the risks.  The fact is eczema is rare in societies subsisting on natural or unprocessed foods.  The foods to avoid include refined sugar, adulterated fats, chocolate, and processed grains.  Food allergies may aggravate eczema.  However, the major factor appears to be a breakdown of the immune system.  This breakdown leads to infection within the body, which may spread to the skin.  Researchers at the University of Tennessee discovered that eczematous lesions are infected, usually by fungi by also by bacteria, particularly staph or strep.  Apparently, the fungi arise from within the body and eventually attack and feed off the skin.

Royal jelly is also an antimicrobial agent.  Plus, it greatly enhances skin health.  With its rich content of hydroxyl fatty acids, it acidifies the skin, strengthening its immune system so that germs cannot invade.  It also directly nourishes the skin, creating wide range of skin nourishing nutrients, including riboflavin, pantothenic acid, niacin, pyridoxine, and vitamins C, A, and E.  Its hormones are also helpful in the healing of damage skin, since they act as natural type of cortisone.

In this debilitating condition menstrual fluid regurgitates from the uterus against gravity into the fallopian tubes, on the ovaries, and into the abdomen.  This leads to severe inflammation and, therefore, pain.  The point is the menstrual fluids are supposed to flow forward not backward. 

The condition may be complicated and/or caused by infection, particularly yeast infections.  In this instance the yeasts must be eliminated to achieve a cure.

Endometriosis may be due in part to nutritional deficiency, which leads to a weakening in the function of the female organs.  Thus, in order for the condition to be resolved the female organs must be strengthened, both nutritionally and hormonally.  Royal jelly is the ideal nutritional/hormonal tonic for the female glands.  By strengthening the health of the cells of the uterus, ovaries, and fallopian tubes the body is more resistant to developing such an aberrant condition.

Failure to thrive
Millions of children suffer all over the globe from growth failure.  In America this is particularly tragic, because remedies are available to cure this dilemma.  Royal jelly is one of the most potent growth enhancers known.  Because of its diverse array of potent hormones and proteins, it aids the growth of any organ, even the bones and muscles.

No one seems to know what causes this condition, but the latest evidence points to immune breakdown due to infection, the likely culprits being molds and mycoplasma.  Food allergies may also play a role.  In particular, the major issue is allergic intolerance to grains.  Certainly, sever stress aggravates it.  Thus, individuals with fibromyalgia may also suffer from adrenal weakness.  Royal jelly rebuilds the immune and adrenal systems, and in this respect it may reverse many of the symptoms of this disease.

Fungal infections
Infections by fungi affect a huge percentage of North Americans.  As many as 50% of Americans suffer from some sort of fungal infection.

Fungi may infect any organ or tissue in the body.  However, they have a particular propensity for the mucous membranes, such as the membranes of the mouth, sinuses, bronchial tree, vagina, and urethra.  They also readily attack the skin and scalp. 

Fungal infections signal a breakdown in the endocrine system.  When the endocrine glands are weak, fungi easily invade the body.  This is why royal jelly is so valuable.  It regenerates the endocrine glands, allowing the body to eradicate the fungal infestation.  In other words, unless the endocrine dysfunction is resolved, the fungal infection will often fail to be cured..

Hair loss and graying of the hair
Royal jelly has been long known as a potent remedy for hair problems.  It has reversed both hair loss and graying of the hair.  It is particularly valuable for reversing hair loss due to toxic chemical exposure or glandular imbalances.  However, the results are not universal.  Yet, in severe cases there is usually at least some benefit.  Royal jelly is the top source of pantothenic acid, a nutrient proven to reverse graying of the hair.

Defined as inflammation of the liver, hepatitis is usually caused by infection, although chemical toxicity may also be a culprit.  Viruses are the main infectious agent, although parasites, like amoebas and flukes, are an important secondary cause.  Alcohol consumption is the primary cause of chemical hepatitis.

Royal jelly is a supportive therapy for this condition.  In contrast to drugs it is completely safe to take for liver disease and will usually aid in liver cell regeneration.  Thus, royal jelly may be helpful in normalizing elevated liver enzyme levels.

Immune deficiency
This is associated with protein deficiency, specifically a deficiency of immunoglobulins as well as albumin.  Royal jelly contains both of these substances.  Plus, it contains a plethora of amino acid, which are needed for the formation of immunoglobulins as well as white blood cells.  Individuals with low white counts should rely upon royal jelly for cellular regeneration.  The regular intake will rapidly lead to an improvement in white blood cell counts.

This is one of the most responsive conditions to royal jelly treatment.  Royal jelly is one of the few natural sources of sex steroids.  It contains small amounts of testosterone, which helps rejuvenate sexual powers.  It also contains pantothenic acids, which is needed by the adrenals and testes for testosterone synthesis.

Physical causes appear to play the primary role in causing this condition.  Excessive consumption of alcohol wakens the sex glands.  So does the excessive intake of caffeinated beverages.  Poor circulation, that is hardening of the arteries and/or coronary artery disease, also plays a role.  Vitamins and minerals needed to maintain potency include pantothenic acid, folic acid, choline, inositol, vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin A, magnesium, selenium, and zinc.  Royal jelly contains all of these nutrients.

This condition is often due to hormone deficiency.  This is why royal jelly is so effective.  It supplies a dense amount of natural hormones of the type which are completely safe for human consumption.  The royal jelly hormones are certainly safer than fertility drugs.  The latter may cause a wide range of side effects, including liver, skin, hormonal, and kidney disorders.  In contrasts, there is not even one incident of harm to the body from the intake of the hormones of royal jelly

This condition often quickly responds to royal jelly.  It is a debacle for an ill person to have insomnia.  This is because if an individual is ill, he/she must get his/her sleep to recover from the illness.  Yet, insomnia is a symptom of dozen of illnesses.  For the tissues to regenerate sleep must be achieved.  The lack of sleep aggravates and/or perpetuates the illness.  Thus, it is necessary to sleep soundly, but not by taking mind altering medications.  Sleep is necessary for the normal rejuvenating/healing processes.  Harsh medications disrupt brain chemistry, which further interferes with healing.  A natural sleep must be induced, that is the nervous system must be put into balance so that the body can relax.  This is precisely what royal jelly achieves.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Royal jelly is of immense value for irritable/spastic colon.  It is a delicate yet effective digestive aid, which is sorely needed in this condition.  It helps relax the over-worked colonic nerves and eases spastic muscles.  Plus, it helps rebuild the natural ton of the colon, so it is able to heal and regenerate.  The regular intake of royal jelly balances the nervous system, which greatly aids in the healing of this condition.

Malnourished (sickly) kids
Children in Western countries are malnourished.  The obesity epidemic in these children is one example.  Acne, high cholesterol, skin disorders, weakened immunity, asthma, greasy hair, fatigue, joint pain, poor posture, short stature, weak muscles, and attention deficit are all examples of malnourishment.

The most serious sing of malnourishment is failure to grow or thrive.  This is the ideal usage for royal jelly.  It provides such potent nourishment that it can rapidly reverse malnourishment in any child or, for that matter, adults as well.  It is readily absorbed and quickly utilized, far faster and more efficiently than any other food or supplement.  It is a must for the malnourished.

Menopausal syndrome
This is know as the “change of life.” Yet, there is no need to undergo such a dramatic change.  In other words, with the proper treatment, all of the symptoms may be avoided.  This is a time when hormone levels decline, so by building up the hornone levels the symptoms can be prevented or eradicated.

Royal jelly is the ideal nutritional tonic for this syndrome.  This is because it enriches the function of the female hormonal glands.

Its potent natural steroids helps aggressively correct glandular imbalances.  Yet, it proves these benefits without side effects.  Synthetic estrogens pollute our bodies and the environment.  The regular use of royal jelly naturally boosts hormone levels.  If you take it regularly, you may be able to completely avoid the change.

Menstrual cramps
This is where royal jelly is exceptionally powerful.  It assists virtually every menstrual-related complaint.  This is because it dramatically boosts the body’s hormone stores, reducing the stress load on the female organs.  In other words, royal jelly supplies female hormones, so the organs don’t have to work as hard to produce them.

Royal jelly also boosts adrenal function, and a defect in these glands is tied to menstrual difficulty.  Weak adrenal glands are a major cause of menstrual pain/cramps.  The adrenal glands produce cortisone, which fights stress and inflammation.  When these glands are weakened as a result of stress or poor diet, they fail to produce sufficient cortisone.  The result is weakness of a variety of organ systems, including the menstrual response.

Royal jelly greatly strengthens the adrenal glands.  It also acts directly upon the female organs, boosting the normal function of the ovaries and uterus.  Menstrual discomfort may also be due to infection, notably yeast infection by the notorious Candida albicans.

Migraine headaches
This is one of the most debilitating of all illnesses.  Migraines are largely caused by food allergy, but they may also be caused by infections and toxic chemicals.  Blood sugar imbalances may also lead to migraines.

People with migraine often suffer from weak adrenal glands.  These glands produce steroid hormones are the body’s pain fighters, plus they are needed for regulating blood sugar levels.  When steroid hormones are depleted, migraines may result.  The adrenal steroids control blood sugar levels, and a deficiency of them results in low blood sugar.  A drop in blood sugar means that the brain fails to get the glucose it needs, and this can precipitate a migraine.

Royal jelly helps normalize adrenal function.  This is why it is so valuable for reversing migraines.  The mechanism of action is that it nourishes the glands, providing them with critical vitamins needed for adrenal steroid synthesis as well as providing the steroids themselves.  It also supplies neurotransmitters, which help regenerate brain cells that are weakened by prolonged pain or the over-use of brain-altering medications.

Royal jelly is particularly valuable for this skin condition.  In fact, this condition responds so thoroughly that it is as if it is due to a “royal jelly deficiency”.  As the name implies in neurodermatitis the nervous system is in a dysfunctional state.  Royal jelly provides potent nutrition to this system, helping to induce a state of balance.  Plus, it nourishes the skin, allowing the damaged cells to heal.

Ovarian cysts
This is one of the most common causes of severe and or sudden abdominal pain.  It is particularly common in teenagers and young adults.  Cysts are also common in obese women, who frequently suffer from ovarian disorders.  Repeated ovarian cysts warn of hypothyroidism.

Poor diet may lead to ovarian cysts.  Certain vitamins are needed to maintain ovarian health.  Chief among them are vitamins A, C, and E plus the B-complex, particularly folic and pantothenic acid.  The essential fatty acids are also usually deficient.  Royal jelly provides a healthy balance of all of these nutrients.

Panic attacks
In most instances panic attacks respond quickly to royal jelly.  This is partially because of royal jelly’s content of the anti-stress vitamin, pantothenic acid.  It is also because royal jelly helps calm the nerves, since it provides nourishment in the form of the B complex, calming minerals, and the all-important nerve transmission chemical: acetylcholine.

Panic attacks are a classic symptom of adrenal insufficiency.  The adrenal glands are the organ responsible for the ability to cope.  What would normally be a minor event is an arduous or frightening one for the adrenal insufficient.
Parkinson’s disease
In this disease the entire nervous system degenerates, although the greatest  brunt of the damage is sustained by the brain.  Researchers have discovered that a certain portion of the brain known as the substantia nigra, degenerates.  The most likely cause is a virus, however, recent evidence implicates pesticide and herbicide toxicity.  These ubiquitous chemicals are fat soluble, and, thus, they readily enter the fatty brain.  There they wreak havoc, weakening and destroying nerve cells.  This leaves the brain cells vulnerable to invasion by a host of germs, including fungi and viruses.  In particular, the herpes virus has been found in the nerve tissue and brains of victims of neurological diseases.

A number of researchers have proven that there is a link between pesticide and herbicide exposure and Parkinson’s disease.  Pesticides/herbicides deplete critical nutrients, like vitamins B-1, B-3, B-6, and B-12.  Interestingly, all of the aforementioned nutrients are provided by royal jelly.  There is another reason royal jelly may help this condition: hormone dysfunction.  Pesticides interfere with hormone metabolism.

Royal jelly provides natural hormones direly needed by the brain.  The hormones can then be used by the brain cells for stimulating repair-perhaps regeneration.  This may explain why physicians report that certain individuals with Parkinson’s disease have improved vastly from royal jelly therapy.  Whatever the mechanism, the regenerative powers of royal jelly make it the supplement of choice for this devastating condition.

PMS, or premenstrual tension, afflicts tens of millions of North American women.  Interestingly, this condition is relatively are in primitive regions, where the diet is largely devoid of processed foods.  Thus, there is a significant dietary cause of this illness.  In particular, the consumption of refined sugar, as well as foods containing caffeine, appears to aggravate it.

For millions of women the menstrual period is a painful burden.  Yet, it is an unnecessary one.  This is because premenstrual symptoms can largely be reversed by building the body up nutritionally, eliminating processed foods, and consuming nutrient dense ones.  To reverse these symptoms, eat primarily fresh organic meat, fresh vegetables, fresh fruit, nuts, seeds, and whole grains.  This diet alone will largely resolve the condition.

Royal jelly is the most potent of all types of nutritional support for the female glands.  It provides the nutrients and hormones needed to keep these glands in optimal health.

This is one of the greatest plagues of modern civilization.  Psoriases afflicts tens of millions of North Americans.  It particularly strikes people of European decent.  It is directly related to the modern diet.  The fact is this disease is almost exclusively found in Western civilizations.  What these civilizations have in common is a diet consisting largely of processed and adulterated foods.

A high consumption of refined sugars and starches is a part of the cause.  Other factors include severe stress and anxiety, which weaken the immune system.  The repeated use of pharmaceutical drugs, particularly antibiotics and cortisone, may also instigate it.  Psoriasis appears to always be due to a malfunction of the immune system.  When the immune system falters, the body is invaded by fungi as well as toxic bacteria, like staph and strep.  The germs colonize within the intestines and other organs.  Eventually, they enter the blood and, seeking food, invade the skin, where nourishment is rich.

The original research regarding the role of fungi in psoriasis was performed at the University of Tennessee.  There, physicians determined that psoriasis plagues were contaminated with fungi as well as bacteria.  The prescribed therapy was topical antifungal and antibacterial agents.  When the germs were killed, the psoriasis disappeared.  However, replapses were common.
Topical therapies have been the mainstay of modern medicine.  Yet, these therapies fail to address a crucial factor: that the germs largely arise from within the tissue.  Thus, a permanent result is largely dependent upon improving internal health and destroying germ pockets within the body.

Radiation damage
The body is quickly damaged by radiation.  There are numerous sources of tissue damaging radiation.  These sources include computers, cell phones, microwave ovens/dishes, sunlight, radioactive medical tests, X-Rays, radiation therapy, televisions, nuclear/food irradiation plants, and numerous others.

Radiation damage cells by oxidizing them.  This leads to massive inflammation and, ultimately, cell death.  Thus, antioxidants may block the damage.  Royal jelly contains dozens of natural antioxidants, including vitamin A, vitamin E, pantothenic acid, hydroxyl acids, sterols, and vitamin C.  Other antioxidant-rich substances which help protect the body against radiation include grape extracts, turmeric, rosemary, sage, cloves, and oregano.

As radiation causes massive inflammation it is important to realize that royal jelly contains an antidote: anti-inflammatory steroids.  Its rich content of steroids reduces inflammation.  Yet, royal jelly’s greatest value is because of yet another group of compounds: nucleic acids.  Radiation is highly toxic to the cells’ nuclei (the plural of nucleus).  In fact, this is how radiation causes cell death, that is by destroying the nucleus.  RNA and DNA are needed to quickly repair the damage.  Royal jelly is the richest natural source of RNA and DNA known.

Stomach ulcers
Royal jelly aids healing.  It is well tolerated by those with sensitive digestion or weakened tissues.  Plus, it is easily digested even by the most weakened system.  This is why it is ideal in stomach ulcers.  Royal jelly provides micro-doses of naturally occurring pantothenic acid, the most powerful tissue healing vitamin known.

Sugar addiction
Millions of individuals are thoroughly addicted to sugar.  The high sugar intake damages health, leading to a wide range of diseases, including hypoglycemia, diabetes, fungal infections, chronic fatigue syndrome, adrenal weakness, arthritis, kidney disorders, mental diseases, and heart disease.  The diabetic epidemic is directly caused by high sugar intake.  Cancer of the intestines also appears to be related to excessive sugar intake, as is Alzheimer’s disease.

Sugar additions may be difficult to resolve.  This is why royal jelly is so valuable.  It induces regeneration in the glands, particularly the adrenal glands, and this results in a reduction in the cravings.  Eventually, the unbridled desire for sugar is diminished and, thus, the addiction can be broken.

Sun damage (of the skin)
Solar rays are one of the most powerful oxidizing agents known.  It is believed that solar damage of the skin is irreversible.  However, royal jelly aids in skin regeneration.  This action is largely the result of its ability to thoroughly noursh skin cells.  Plus, royal jelly contains a number of compounds, such as DNA and RNA, which induce cellular regeneration.  The steroid hormones it contains are ideal for naturally reducing inflammation.  Thus, it is the ideal treatment for this condition.  Usually, both internal and external use are required.

This dreaded infection is again becoming a global epidemic.  As many as one in three individuals globally have it.  It may strike suddenly and, currently, virtually everyone is vulnerable to its development.  However, individuals who are most vulnerable include children, the elderly, people on chemotherapy, or individuals with weakened immune systems.  In additional AODS victims have a high rate of infection, as do the health care workers who treat them.

TB is a fulminate epidemic.  Within the next 20 years perhaps as many as one in three individuals will develop active infections.  Tuberculosis patents often suffer from malnourishment, which further weakens their already compromised immune system.  This is why royal jelly is so valuable.  It nourishes all cells, giving the body the greatest potential for resisting and overcoming debilitating infections.  Plus, it contains antibacterial compounds which assist the immune cells in eradicating germs.

Viral infections
When viruses attack the body, they weaken it.  This ability to incapacitate the cells is how they invade.  A strong system is relatively immune to viruses.  Royal jelly helps reverse the weakness induced by viruses.  Plus, it helps keep the cells strong, so they are more resistant to viral invasion.  Thus, its major value is in prevention.  The regular intake of royal jelly reduces the incidence of viral infections.  Royal jelly also contains potent antiviral compounds, so it is also of value to take during a viral attack.

Wound healing
Dr. Paavo Ariola, world renowned naturopath, who described how royal jelly speeds the healing of wounds, reducing healing time by up to 50%.  The effect is largly due to its pantothenic acid content, a vitamin well respected for its ability to bolster would healing.  However, royal jelly’s rich content of steroids accounts for its wound healing powers, since the steroids also assist healing by reducing inflammation and swelling.  Plus, royal jelly contains antibacterial hydroxyl acids, which help the body in the destruction of noxious germs, like E. coli, strep, and staph.  Dr. Ariola notes that royal jelly has proven antibacterial actions against these germs.

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