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This is a magical product | 1/24/2008 10:48 am | Comment By: Binnie D.
I love the quality of this cream. It’s not only smell good but also work great on my skin. I’m using this cream and taking Sua Ong Chua at the same time and I feel great. The reason why I call this "magic" because I can see the result right the way. I put it on in the morning and at night before bed on the first day, the next day morning I was so suprised when looking in the mirror. My skin gets really smooth, shiny and brighter.
I always have a lot of blackheads too and big pores. After 2-3 days using this cream, I can tell most of the blackheads have disappeared and the big pores are closing up.
Now I don’t need to use any of those moisturized & day cream I bought from the store any more. Just this one thing does it all.......It’s just amazing
Thank you for the great products and I love Green Bamboo Center’s customer service (with their prompt, concern and kindness)

Binnie D
Carlsbad, Calif
Holy grail product | 10/11/2007 11:06 am | Comment By: Mimi Nguyen
Wow, this stuff is awesome. I have used just about every acne product on the market both high and low end (seriously I have probably spent thousands of dollars on products over the last 10 years that have never helped me or helped very little) and this stuff really cleared my face up almost instantly and at the same time soothing my skin. Most acne products only make my skin worse because they are so harsh and terribly drying. 

The scent is the first thing I noticed, it’s amazingly calming and rubs on the skin so lightly that there is NO WAY this could irritate your skin. The finish is soft, cool, and almost matte but you really can feel the hydration it gives. This is, hands down, my favorite acne treatment and moisturizer that I have ever bought. I am addicted to this stuff, I seriously cannot wait to wash my face at night or in the morning and put this on. It has made my skin care regimen joyful. My skin looks healthier and smoother and even glowing when using this. It also calms redness on my skin, too.

The only cons are that I wish the packaging was better and came with a seal but I heard that they’re making a seal for it now. Whatever, I don’t care about the pretty stuff, I am absolutely in love with this… I would use it even if it didn’t clear my skin, but it DOES! I had one zit since I’ve used it and it went away the next day. So, try this product, you won’t be disappointed and if you are, send it to me!
kem duong da | 8/17/2007 10:21 pm | Comment By: ani
kinh gui duoc si huynh.da toi rat la mong de bi di ung, hoi luc co bau da toi bi mun , nhung cho toi gio no van con bi vet tham do va tan nhang , vay xin hoi kem duong da sua ong chua co the lam cho da toi het tham do va tan nhang khong? va co de bi di ung or phan ung gi khac khong vi no hoi la doi voi toi .
va cho toi biet them kem duong da co dai ly nao o santa ana khong? va de lam sao nhan biet hang nao la that va hang nao la gia . xin vui long cho toi biet thong tin ,xin cam on duoc si ,cau chuc duoc si mua may ban dat .
Re: Cach su dung "Sua ong chua tuoi" | 7/28/2007 8:52 am | Comment By: Administrator

Hỗn hợp Sữa Ong Chúa Tươi
là một sản phẩm quý giá có tác dụng tức thời. Quý vị sẽ cảm nhận được sự khác biệt ở làn da, sức khỏe và tinh thần ngay lập tức.

Cách uống Sữa Ong Chúa Tươi:
- Ngày uống 2-3 lần, mỗi lần 1 muỗng cà phê.
- Dùng muỗng nhựa.
- Buổi sáng tốt nhất là uống ngay sau khi thức dậy, ngậm trong miệng khoảng 30 giây rồi nuốt từ từ. Không cần phải uống nước sau đó. Làm giống như vậy cho buổi trưa và buổi chiều.

Cách dùng Kem Dưỡng Da Sữa Ong Chúa:
- Ngày thoa 2 lần sáng và tối ngay sau khi rửa mặt, lúc da mặt còn ẩm ướt, dùng đầu ngón tay thoa nhẹ thành vòng tròn cho đến khi Kem thấm hoàn toàn vào da.
- Buổi sáng nếu mang makeup, nên thoa Kem Dưỡng Da trước ngay sau khi rửa mặt, thoa thêm kem chống nắng (sunscreen), và sau đó làm makeup như thường lệ.

Thân chúc quý vị sớm có một làn da lý tưởng.
Kem duong da | 7/13/2007 2:52 pm | Comment By: Teresa
Kinh gui duoc si Huynh. Toi da dung thu kem duong da Sua ong chua do duoc si bao che, toi cam thay san pham nay rat hop voi lan da cua toi, da mat toi tro nen mat me, min mang va co ve tuoi sang hon. Vay xin duoc si gui cho toi theo don dat hang, toi se cho cac em gai va 2 co con gai cua toi dung thu (tong cong la 7 co) Xin cam on duoc si va cau chuc duoc si luon an manh , cac san pham cua duoc si se cang ngay cang hưu hieu hon.

Milpitas, CA

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