You’ve made a smart choice.  Herbal remedy is a natural approach to medicine that works without side effects to gently stimulate your body to heal itself.  We at Green Bamboo Herbal Center know that finding the right medicine is not always easy.  For many thousands years, herbal medicine has always played an important role in contributing to one’s health.  Many traditional physicians and herbalists have used oriental remedies that were handed down from the ancestors to prevent and cure many diseases that are associated to the human body.  Today, more than ever, herbal supplement is widely used throughout the world, especially in the developed countries such as the United States. According to statistics, in 2000, American spent $14 billion in herbal supplement.  The demand for herbal medicine in the United States has increased significantly because:

  • Conventional Western medicine has too many side effects that could form other diseases.
  • Conventional Western medicine is chemical-based compound vs. herbal supplement is from natural herbs. 
  • Conventional medicine is presented in a way that is inconsistent with traditional beliefs.  It no longer addresses the patient’s best interest, but increasingly, the logic of economics.
  • Countless medical doctors, medical researchers and scientists, along with 4 billion users in the word recognize the effectiveness or herbal supplement in preventing diseases and healing the human body.
  • Conventional Western medicine is invasive and frequently harmful.  Herbal supplement reacts gently and slowly, therefore, it is more suitable in preventing diseases and healing the human body in a long term.
  • Conventional Western medicine defines health as the absence of disease, so the focus is on treating disease and its symptoms, not the patient.  As a result, only one part of the person (the affected part) is treated.  In contrast, traditional medicine defines health as a balance within the body, so the focus is on treating the whole person and when that balance is restored, the body can heal itself. 
  • Traditional medicine does not cause psychological dependence or addictions.

Many patients turn to alternative therapies when conventional therapies cannot cure or even relieve chronic disorders without side effects.  They like the emphasis on the whole person and on improving their general health rather than disease.  Other people use it because it is more natural, safer, and healthier than conventional therapies.

All of our herbal products are carefully studied and formulated using the purest ingredients on earth from the prescriptions of: Tue Tinh Vietnamese Traditional Medicine, Vietnamese Culture Traditional Medicine, Treatise of Medical Knowledge of Hai Thuong, 380 Effective Herbal Prescriptions, Herbs of Southern Vietnam and Indications, Herbal Medicine Extracts, etc.

We understand the urgency of the need for you and your loved ones to get well and stay well.  We strive to create a line of products that reflect your needs and expectations.

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