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(100% freeze-dried royal jelly)
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Royal jelly is a milky-white secretions mixture of flower nectars, proteins, and vitamins made by the worker bees to help maintain the development of the Queen bee.  Because these secretions are the only source of food that the Queen bee is fed, hence it’s named, Royal Jelly.  It is also the only nutrient source that helps the Queen bee lives 40 times longer than the worker bees. 

Royal jelly is one of the most valuable nutrient source and is probably the greatest product of all bee products.  It has an impressive array of nutrients containing 22 amino acids and all of the major B vitamins such as: B1, B2 (riboflavin), niacin, B5 (pantothenic acid), B6, biotin, folic acid, B12, inositol, and choline.  Royal jelly also has small amounts of vitamin A, C, D and E, as well as minerals such as: calcium, copper, iron, phosphorus, potassium, silicon, and sulfur, most of which are essential nutrients.

Of all the documented cases and anecdotal reports describing the benefits of Royal Jelly, the most significant findings are the therapeutic effects towards curing diseases and prolong youthfulness and improve the skin beauty.  The value of Royal Jelly is well documented throughout the world for its abundance of vitamins, minerals and amino acids.  Royal Jelly is also rich in nucleic acids, RNA and DNA. Gelatin, another significant component, is one of the precursors of collagen, which is another component of Royal Jelly. Collagen is an anti-aging element that keeps the skin looking smooth and youthful.

  • Helps skin disorders, anti-aging, skin blemishes and wrinkles
  • Helps reduce high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes
  • Helps cure liver ailments, Hepatitis A, B, C, D
  • Helps treat bacterial and viral infections, bladder infections, wound healing
  • Helps improve memory, weak or tired eyes (improve eyesight significantly)
  • Helps restore sexual deficiencies in both men and women, impotency, infertility
  • Helps increase immune system and fight against chronic fatigue. Improve states of malnutrition, convalescence, stress, depression, mental and physical exhaustion
  • Helps relieve menopause related symptoms in women
  • Helps improve delayed growth, retarded growth symptoms
  • Helps weight control, prevent hair loss, hormonal imbalance, broken or weak bones
  • Helps treat varicose veins and Thromboangiitis or Buerger’s disease
  • Helps coronary artery disease
  • The presence of Panothenic Acid will help treat gastro duodenal ulcers
  • Helps correct arteriosclerosis by normalizing metabolic process with lipoproteins
  • Helps alleviate anxiety, panic attacks, depression, stroke, senility and insomnia
  • Helps reduce rheumatic disorders, arthritis, inflammation, asthma
  • Helps treat eczema, neuro-dermatitis and impetigo successfully
  • Helps reduce trembling in Parkinson’s disease, anti-tumor activity (10-HDA proven to be effective as a cancer preventative in mice) and other endocrine disorders.

Royal Jelly Capsules or Fresh Royal Jelly when use with Age Defying Cream is an optimal formula for your daily skin care regime as well as your overall health.

The natural nutrients and healing effects of Royal Jelly on the human body have been researched with many positive outcomes.  Thus, Royal Jelly continues to be the topic of popular studies around the world, and as results of these studies come to light, we are more convinced than ever of its natural wonders.

Green Bamboo Herbal Center’s goal is to present to our valued customers, the Royal Jelly capsules that are 100% pure, not mixed with additional substances like other companies in order to retain its original nutrients.  Our Royal Jelly Capsules are suitable for both men and women and can be taken with other Western Medicines without any side effects.

Don’t wait another minute, order today!  It is our firm belief that you are making a wise decision by choosing Duoc Thao Tre Xanh (Green Bamboo Herbal) for all your herbal supplement needs.
Recommended Dosage: 1-2 capsules every morning.
Key Ingredients: 100% Pure Freeze Dried Royal Jelly.
Manufactured in a U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration regulated facility. Product of USA. 

Does Royal Jelly promote weight gain?  The answer is: No.  Royal Jelly helps you control your weight while keeping you alert and active.  Royal Jelly benefits anyone who takes it. 


Key Ingredients: 100% Pure Freeze Dried Royal Jelly.

How to use

Recommended Dosage1-2 capsules every morning.


Sữa Ong Chúa có làm lên cân không?  Câu trả lời đơn giản là: Không.  Sữa Ong Chúa giúp cân bằng trọng lượng, tinh thần minh mẫn, và giúp cơ thể hoạt động nhanh nhẹn hơn. 

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Re: Binh tat | 8/15/2007 12:51 pm | Comment By: Master Tam
Xin cảm ơn quý vị đã đặt câu hỏi đến Trung Tâm Dược Thảo & Châm Cứu Tre Xanh.

Về Bệnh Gout: Phải dùng Thanh Độc Hoàn mỗi ngày 3 lần mỗi lần 2 viên kèm với Thuốc Đau Nhức mỗi ngày 3 lần mỗi lần 2 viên. Hai loại thuốc này chữa trị bệnh gout bằng cách tách acid uric ra khỏi máu, kích thích thận làm việc để thải ra chất acid uric ra khỏi cơ thể và chống lại sự viêm sưng đau đớn một cách hiệu quả và nhanh chóng.

Thuốc đau nhức : chống lại các hậu quả viêm sưng, đau đớn, nóng sốt, tê bại gây nên bởi acid uric tích tụ tại các khớp xương.
Thanh độc hoàn: làm tan loãng acid uric ở các khớp xương, giúp thận trong việc loại trừ acid uric ra khỏi cơ thể, kích thích thận không tái hấp thụ acid uric. Nhờ đó hàm lượng acid uric trong máu giảm.

Nếu được châm cứu thì kết quả sẽ nhanh hơn.

Về bệnh High Blood Pressure: Dùng Hỗn Hợp Sữa Ong Chúa Tươi ngày 2-3 lần mỗi lần 1 muỗng uống cà phê (dùng muỗng nhựa), Hỗn Hợp Sữa Ong Chúa Tươi sẽ giúp làm điều hòa huyết áp kèm theo Nấm Linh Chi Đỏ ngày 3 lần mỗi lần 2 viên.  Nếu được châm cứu thì kết quả sẽ nhanh hơn.

Về bệnh High Cholesterol: Dùng Nấm Linh Chi Đỏ ngày 3 lần mỗi lần 2 viên kèm theo Hỗn Hợp Sữa Ong Chúa Tươi ngày 2-3 lần mỗi lần 1 muỗng uống cà phê sẽ thấy kết quả sau một thời gian sử dụng. Nếu được châm cứu thì kết quả sẽ nhanh hơn. Xin xem phần Cảm Tạ của bệnh nhân Vo Yen Phuong với trường hợp rất tương tự.

Kính chúc quý vị chóng bình phục.
Dược Phòng Tre Xanh.
Binh tat | 8/15/2007 12:31 pm | Comment By: Pho P Hong
1/- Toi binh Gout ke tu nam 1980 cho den nay. Bay gio bat dau dau tu doi goi ben phai, ban chan phai o ben phai.
2/ - Toi bi high blood pressure
3/ - Vo toi binh high Cholesterol
Xin thay Tam cho biet phuong thuc tri lieu (uong thuoc hay cham cuu) thanh that cam on thay.

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