4 Essential Nutrients
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  • Helps to relax the mind and increase mental sharpness.
  • Promotes blood circulation, improves heart function.
  • Enhances the function of the respiratory system and digestive system.
  • Prevents malnutrition, inadequate food intake, poor eating habits, over exhaustion, health deficiency due to stress, anxiety and depression.
  • Helps the body with adaptability, recovery capability, and immune capacity.
  • Maintains optimal well-being: 
    • Physical Health
    • Emotional Health
    • Mental Health
    • Spiritual Health

“Happiness is a state of mind, a choice, a way of living; it is not something to be achieved, it is something to be experienced.” ― Steve Maraboli

Recommended Dosage: Take 2 capsules, 3 times a daily.
Key Ingredients: Ginseng (Panax), Ginkgo Biloba, Cordyceps, Ganoderma Lucidum, Mozuku Fucoidan 
Manufactured in a U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration regulated facility.
Product of USA.



Ginseng (Panax), Ginkgo Biloba, Cordyceps, Ganoderma Lucidum, Mozuku Fucoidan 

How to use


Take two (2) capsules, three times daily. 


Based on the principle Luong Nghi and an herbal formula of three generations, Green Bamboo Herbal Center exhaustively researched, collected and refined the natural rare herbs according to quartet weather: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter - four of heaven and earth, such as:

    • Spring - harvest flowers (Ganoderma spores)
    • Summer - harvest fruits (Ginkgo)
    • Autumn - harvest barks (Moutan Cortex Radix, Amur Corktree Bark
    • Winter - harvest roots (Ginseng, Cordyceps)