Fresh Air in a Hot Summer
August 13th, 2007

Hello Masters Tam and  Ha

We are doing great. My sinuses and allergies are the best in many years.

We have just returned to Ontario, Canada after a week staying Charlotte. The temperature here is only 85˚F but a patient of mine told me this morning that it was too hot for him. I remember feeling quite well in Charlotte and wonder how we stood it last week when the weather were above 100˚F every day. Could it have been those accupuncture needles that you used on us changed our perception? Or was it because of the music you played, the songs that Co Ha sang that cooled off the days?

Coming from a Family Medicine background, I’ve got to say that your home-office was quite an experience to me. Not because it was busy but more because of the free interactions between the patients, the voices of children playing(and crying ;-) ), the stories and the prayers we heard,  and the jokes and the laughters. At times it’s feel like there’s too much fun in this office to be a medical office. But I had seen people got treated and healed, in simple, inexpensive but effective ways. I also had seen the hope that you brought to the community for curative treatment of conditions that are often termed "chronic" in Western medicine. 

Thank you for open your home, your heart and and being such a gift to us all.  And thank you for rekindle the desire in my heart to explore Oriental Medicine. We’ve found the freshness amidst a hot Summer week in Charlotte.

Huynh Duy Linh  and Xuan Vo
Campbellford, Ontario, Canada
Patient Information: Linh Huynh, Campbellford, K0L-1L0, Canada

I am amazed by Dr. Tam

My name is Thủy, I am 35 years old.  I have migraine for 17 years.  Out of desperation, I came to Dr. Tam for treatment and to my surprise I haven’t had migraine for 4 days now.  I am so amazed.  Today, I am back here again for my second treatment.  Dr. Tam is an amazing person, he has a very pleasant personality and always very joyful.  I live 2 hours away from Charlotte so I don’t mind coming here every other week. 


Patient Information: Thuy, North Carolina, United States

July 22, 2007

My name is CJ Barber, I am 67 years old and from Raleigh, NC.  A month ago, I was 271 lbs and now I am down to 256 lbs.  I also have diabetes.  When first came here my feet was swollen, toes touch one another and filled with water.  After one trip, my toes straighten out, no water.  They’re back to normal now.  I’ve been going to medical doctor but have never seen anything like this.  I couldn’t walk before but now I could walk like normal.  I am back today again to get more weight off of me. 

Dr Tom is the best, most wonderful doctor I’ve ever seen.  He’s easy to get along with, very pleasant to talk to.  He’s good. When you can’t beat him makes him the best.

Patient Information: CJ Barber, Raleigh, North Carolina, United States

Master Tam and Ha 6/25/2007
Thank you so much for helping me break my habit of smoking. I have tried to quit so many times but unsuccessful.  After just one treatment of acupuncture, I no longer have any craving, want, need or feel for a smoke at all. Its amazing how acupuncture can cure my addiction of nearly 12 years. Now I don't even want a single puff, its like I never smoke before.  

I thank you Master Ha for making me feel so welcome and well taken care of.  I thank you Master Tam for curing my allergy and smoking habit; for curing my wife's allergy and bladder problem; for curing my mom's severe allergy and migraine; and my dad's severe food allergy problem; and my two brother's allergy and sinus problem; and so many of my friends with other illness.       

Our entire family gives you our deepest gratitude. Thank you Master Tam and Ha for devoting your life to help people overcome their illness.
Patient Information: Phuong Le, Gainesville, Georgia, 30507, United States

Thank you letter - Tampa 4/28/2007

Master Huynh Trong Tam,

I am writing this letter to thank you for all of the kindness that you have given me and my family. When I first visited you, I did not know what to expect, and I was pretty scared to think about someone sticking needles (acupuncture) in me, but you really made me feel comfortable and gave me hope that my skin would clear up. I am already seeing improvement in my skin from the treatment, which is very exciting because I have struggled with eczema for as long as I can remember. Throughout my life I have visited many dermatologists' offices, in hopes that my skin problems would disappear, but to my disappointment it has only in time gotten worse. I am, however, very thankful to finally find a doctor that is capable of helping me with this problem. Thus far, I have seen about a 75 percent improvement with my eczema. I look forward to meeting with you again in the future.

God Bless,

Kim Dau

Patient Information: Kim Dau, Tampa, Florida, United States

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